Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Random Stuff

Okay I know I haven't updated this thing in forever but her it goes...alot has gone on since I last did this thing...I am now a stay at home Mom again...the bus thing is just apparently not for me getting up at 5:30 am isn't my thing and dragging my kids out of bed at 6:00 am not cool...I feel for the people that have to do it!!!...But I'm a lucky girl and was told that I didn't have to do it anymore!!...Plus I need to be avaliable If my Nanny needs me...Went on a cruise this past February it was fun...but being that far away form my Hubby and kids without contact.....Freaked me out...will I ever do it again without them No way!!!...Let's see what else....Scrapbooking yep do it every chance I get...Love having a great time hanging out with great people....Both kids are in school all day this year and I love it!!!...Before now I NEVER got the house to my self someone was always with me!!...Some days I get lots accomplished some days not so much but you know I am OK with that!!...I'm only human and I do make mistakes I just try not to make the same ones twice!!....Holidays are coming up and I will be super busy but again I'm gonna try to stay ontop of this thing...but only time will tell...untill  then....Peace Out!!!...LOL

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I really stink at this thing!!

Okay so my kids are driving me crazy..I love them bunches but dang guys give Mama a break. Quit the squabbling and aggravating each other because one day each other is all you guys will have. Today the Hubby and I went to the gun range. Well first we went by the scrapbook store (the best scrapbook store ever Enchanted Scrapbooks) he he...(2 hours later I tend to talk to much then we grabbed lunch and at last we made it to the range..I did pretty good says Chris. I get done with the shooting thing real quick I enjoy doing it but after the first couple of time shooting I get nauseated I guess it's the adrenaline and all. We came home and piddled around and then went to dinner. And well here I am finally updating this thing..ha!!..

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well Blogland I can't believe how fast this year has flown by...It's already the end of September..Holy Cow I say!!..The bus thing is going good and all the kids are growing like a weed!!...It is about to be the busy time of year with cubscouts really starting, Thanksgiving and Christmas oh my!!...I told Chris this year we should just go on Vacation for Christmas...the heck with all the crazy Christmas shopping is anyone with well it's a nice Idea but I don't think I can get by with that..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well today I picked up my big yellow school bus...Tomarrow I will clean the nasty thing...Hopefully this is gonna be a great year. I'm excited about driving the bus this year. I think I got a pretty good route. Let's get ready to roll on Monday!...I'll try to keep you updated!!....Lol!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tell about your favorite Aunt...

My favorite Aunt is my Aunt Grace. I use to go to her house when I was little all the time. She lived right next door and still does...We always did fun things together like pick figs and make fig preserves and whatever other fruit/veggies she had going on at the time. We planted flowers together. I remember this one time we sewed this mattress cover that kept slipping off the mattress with all different kinds and colors of yarn from side to side to keep the cover on the mattress. We baked biscuits together my favorite part was sifting the flour. We painted this picket fence she had on the side of the house a hundred times or more. She always had snacks for me that she kept in this ceramic duck that sat on her counter by the back door. She always had plenty of little Debi's with the raisins on top and creme in the middle. We use to bathe and brush her dog she had named Prissie. She always fed Prissie boiled Chicken. We use to do everything together. We made crafts together...If I wasn't at home with Nana and Papa I was at Aunt Grace's.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Stuff

As most of you have already figured out I'm not that great with keeping up with this blog stuff. So I have came to the conclusion wit the help of a very wise friend to just pick a prompt and just BLOG it!! She also said something that made me feel really good..she said if you wrote on your blogs like you talked or told a story then your blog would be awesome and when you are telling a story it kinda takes you there. (Thanks Kimmie)...So here it goes...this prompt is: Did you you go to college or take any special vocational training?? Well actually I did start college in 2002. I started my pre-req's for the nursing program. I started with a math class and an anatomy class. I finished the math class and ended up dropping the anatomy class early on. It was a lot all at once. Nicholas was just about 6 months old when I decided to start college. I felt very overwhelmed like I was Mommy, Wife, Friend, Ect....everyone but me, with school and life and everything else it left me no time for me. That meant no time to Scrap (Oh my gosh is what you are thinking right about now right??) That's what I wast thinking too...So I decided to just keep working at Eastern Imports for the time being. In 2007 I decided to train to drive a bus of all things was I crazy or what?? I finished all my hours and got my class B CDL's and I was off to drive the big yellow 65 foot bird. That certainly was an experience in itself to say the least. I worked that 2007-2008 school year all of about uhhhh 1/2 a day, the route I had was a nightmare. So I cried alot and decided to quit. I tried driving a bus again for the 2008-2009 school year and lasted a whopping 4 months. I loved the route, driving the bus was a piece of cake the hours and pay were great but.....3 kids I could have killed them not really but If i was crazy I could have...I got no help from the school and transportation. So, I decided that the best thing for me and my little family was to once again quit driving the bus. Write ya next time!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rough starts become great middles....

This early morning went as usual get up or half up and have Cameron yelling Mommy over the baby monitor. Telling Nicholas to get up way more than I have too...then telling him to get dressed way to many times before he actually does it...breakfast...and off to pickup Shelby..then off to School. Called my best friend Kimmie at work and asked her if she wanted to meet for lunch. She said some ladies from work were going and I could come if I wanted to...Cool so I was getting ready to leave and Cameron my sweet little devil child had ground up Oreo cakesters on the couch, wrote on the New might I add couch with his gigantic Lightning McQueen pen. Then dumb A.D.D me left the carpet cleaner on the table to come back in and find the couch drenched in it. Then lotion on the floor and him...Let the dog out changed a NASTY diaper and we were off...He fell asleep about 10 minutes into the ride and we picked up Kimmie and Karen and went to La Napolera (Not sure about the spelling)...Constance and Helen came too. We had a great time. So that just proves that rough starts can become great middles......Oh yeah and Chris is suppose to come home early today....Whooo Hooo!!!